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12-01-2006 13:32:53

Thanks a ton to jake. I cant thank him enough. I cant go without complaining that there were some bumps in the road such as slow crediting and approval towards the end however i cant cry too much. It only cost me 30$ for my 30gig ipod. I also recieved a clock and t-shirt.
First freebie.

Approval took 27 days.
Processing=1 day
STV=1 day
Shipping=1 day (technically 0 days cuz i missed the first attempt)


12-01-2006 13:46:48

You are welcome. )

Enjoy your iPod.


12-01-2006 13:54:39

I was so confused. I couldn't figure out what this had to do with Yahoo!, except now I realize it was an exclamation.