xbox360 approvals

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12-01-2006 10:09:19

So how longs this supposedly taking nowadays? I sent in for approval on the first of December and am still waiting. I would have posted earlier but I thought maybe the holidays had slowed them down from the "about a month" people have been saying.


12-01-2006 10:17:20

The last big group of approvals was on 11/22. People have been waiting since 11/23 for approvals from what I've read. I requested on 11/28.


12-01-2006 11:49:37

I have been waiting since early December, from what I hear there wont be any more approvals untill they actually start shipping out systems.


12-01-2006 13:52:10

Woo hoo, I'm approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Freepay! ) Just placed my order!


12-01-2006 14:32:01

freepay is not approving any more accounts until they know whats going on with the shipping, if yuo just got approved, then freepay has good news with info about the 360s.