Approved for Giftcards.FreePay!

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11-01-2006 14:15:05

I got approved for Giftcards.FreePay today, but still no Laptops.FreePay approval.

How long does it take to get the giftcard?


11-01-2006 15:46:50

I got mine today )


11-01-2006 16:10:51

Nice, but how long does it take from processing-->received?


11-01-2006 16:11:58

I got approved today too!! Anybody know what the processing time is?


11-01-2006 16:23:55

got paid today! 1 day from processing--->stv---->paid


17-01-2006 18:10:06

compfreak, how do they give you the giftcard? they asked me for my address do they mail something?


17-01-2006 19:55:55

[quote4bf2130585="Retro"]compfreak, how do they give you the giftcard? they asked me for my address do they mail something?[/quote4bf2130585]I beleive they send it through email, and you can redeem it online to get a real card to a store.


17-01-2006 20:21:47

I don't know why they asked for my real address, they e-mailed my certificate.


17-01-2006 20:23:10

I went STV for laptops today, but on thursday im leaving for new mexico. i bet itll come thursday and some mexican will steal it off my porch (

^^ and thats not a random bigot comment.. I live in a very nice neighborhood, but theres this group of mexicans that like to walk awound and take things off lawns cuz they "thought it was trash"


17-01-2006 21:02:48

Call DHL or whoever.

I'm STV too! How long do you think it will take? Jake said he ordered it today and it should arrive shortly, but what is shortly?


18-01-2006 08:00:12

Well, got a tracking number. UPS ground. Coming on thursday (