freepay goodies with pcs.freepay?

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10-01-2006 21:13:29

should i have gotten some freepay stuff with my acer lappy order or no? (does it matter that my pcs.freepay accounts is like almost 8 months - year old?)

i dont care, im happy with the lappy, just wondering, would be cool D


10-01-2006 21:25:52

I'm still waiting on my lappy, or a shirt or anything P Hopefully soon!


10-01-2006 22:34:09

i think i got my laptop so fast cause my accountt was like almost a year old D


10-01-2006 23:30:53

I never got any Gratis extras with any of my freebies, although I think they started giving shirts out around the time I did fip. I just seem to be the odd man out when it came to that stuff.


13-01-2006 06:40:50

When I placed my order, it asked for shirt size and color, but I got my V2000 yesterday and there was no Freepay loot to be found.