Approved in ONE Day

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10-01-2006 17:48:46

I got approved in [bef9af857d1]one[/bef9af857d1] day at PCs Freepay


10-01-2006 17:54:09

Yes, we can read in Brag Bag.


10-01-2006 18:02:42

Well, this post here was more to say how fast they are approving... Thanks for killing my day, appreciate it.


10-01-2006 18:40:48

Welcome dance2


10-01-2006 18:43:55

Same here, got approved in one day for FreePay MacMinis. D


10-01-2006 18:44:27

Your funny, funny looking.


12-01-2006 07:02:31

I got approved for ipodnanos.freepay within about 2 hours. ) It was probably faster, but I didn't check before about 2 hours had gone by. Now I just have to wait "4-6" weeks for processing and shipment.

2 hours. I win.


12-01-2006 11:32:54

i got aproved in about 14 minutes on pc. a few months ago...

i forget why i even went back to check it..


15-01-2006 12:40:10

...and i'm on business day 6 now


15-01-2006 12:41:01

You guys have to understand that it also matters if your referrals get referrals and so on, if his referrals didn't refer anyone else the process is fairly simple. FreePay checks for everything and that is why it takes longer.

When I did Macmini I was approved in under 8 minutes, it was kinda wierd because on the same day I also requested approval for Gamingsystems and that took about 10 days to finish. I went STV the next day after I requested approval for Mac Mini (this was in 2005 when the Mac mini first came out)