How to change nano color on ipodnanos.freepay?

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10-01-2006 13:16:13

Is it possible to change color preference on

When I first created my account black was ticked off (by default) but I want a white nano. I know that you can change this on, but I can't seem to find this on the ipodnanos site..

Thanks in advance.


10-01-2006 13:24:11

well I know that when you order it makes you confirm what you want so im pretty sure that you can do it then.


10-01-2006 13:45:50

Yeah, I wanted to do the same thing, get a white one when it was showing black. From today's experience, when I ordered mine (yay!), you pick which color you want when you order. So I ordered white. )


10-01-2006 14:06:52

awesome! Thanks everyone )