Signed up, but never completed offer......

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10-01-2006 10:01:49

OK, Ive read that if you have sign up to a site (lets say laptops), but you never completed an offer, you can sign up to that same site again as long as you use a different email address. And you wont be disqualified when you complete an offer.

Is this true?


10-01-2006 10:17:16

Yes that should be ok. I did that and it was okay, but I got permission first through a support ticket. If you want to be safe, I would ask first.


10-01-2006 10:46:29

yeah make sure you ask them before you do it


10-01-2006 12:39:57

I've heard many people haven't asked.

I know I made another account at PremiumiPods.FreePay because I didn't do an offer on the other account.


10-01-2006 19:30:36

I pm'd jake about this a long time ago. He said it's cool and you don't need to clear it with freepay. I've done it two or three times since then without a problem. Of course, it never hurts to cover your bases.