InstantCast Typo?

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08-01-2006 11:06:04

When I click the InstantCast offer on freepay sites it tells me in the pop-up to sign up for a "4 day free trial." The InstantCast site, however, says "Be on screen in 30 days!" and it says it is a free trial. Is this a typo on freepay's site? A potential referral of mine would like to know because he is interested in a 30-day free trial but would not be interested in only a 4-day free trial. Can anyone please let me know of this?



08-01-2006 13:26:33

It is a 4 day trial


08-01-2006 14:01:39

Does that mean they charge you after 4 days?

I couldn't find this anywhere in the InstantCast TOS. Can anyone show me where this is? Thanks so much.


08-01-2006 14:23:56

They charged me after 3. I would really be careful with this offer.


08-01-2006 16:38:07

Don't do this offer. Seriosuly, it's a 100% scam.

When the box pops up, it should say "4 day scam, you will receive credit instantly but we will charge you before the trial is up and not give you the money back".

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08-01-2006 16:44:15

I did the offer a while ago for freeipods and got credit and was not charged a dime. I'm very confused now hearing about the scam thing. I guess i'll tell my ref to be sure to avoid that one.


08-01-2006 19:24:53

yes i agree with everyone in this thread.. AVOID this offer at all cost

unknown uchiha

08-01-2006 19:40:38

Really? I was never charged for this and got credited and stuff. When I called to cancel however I got a voice machine and then a call back that I didn't pick up and the lady who left a message gave me some regular number to call and when I called she immediately picked up and stuff. Weird. I'd give you guys the number but I deleted it off my phone already =(


08-01-2006 20:02:15

I'm glad I never did this offer.


08-01-2006 23:58:58

never do this offer, my friend got chargeed 67.00 after like two days i believe