Went 'SHIPPED' on FreeDesktopPC

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07-01-2006 16:03:35

What does it mean if I go shipped on FreeDesktopPC?

I have been on shipped since the 4th of January, received the free shirt two days ago, but the DHL trick won't work. Does this just mean they shipped the shirt and that Cyberpower is really working on the PC now and will ship it when done?

Thanks! D


07-01-2006 16:18:11

It means what it says, shipped. Just wait and you'll be posting on here on your new pc!


07-01-2006 16:18:41

( I'm not sure, I'm still STV. I hear it takes 2 weeks-a month to get the Cyberpower thuogh.


07-01-2006 16:25:20



07-01-2006 18:14:49

i cant wait for my acer lappy D


07-01-2006 21:09:56

Well see, the reasons above is why I'm not sure. Others are still STV, but the PC that takes the longest to get put together (CYBERPOWER) somehow SKIPS stv and goes straight to shipped?!

I don't understand the logic, and just wondering if I should expect it this week or a few weeks from now cuz I just went back to college