is freepay still approving accounts for xbox360?

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07-01-2006 13:52:45

i heard that, they wont be shiping out the xbox until march, so right now they arent approving anymore accounts? and thats y they only have 5 offers on the site? anyone know more info about this?


07-01-2006 14:37:59

Until march? Where did you hear that? And yes, I don't think they are approving more.


07-01-2006 15:20:07

I submitted for approval about a week ago. This sucks.


07-01-2006 15:28:02

I head Trainn is already shipping


07-01-2006 16:03:36

They made one shipment initially and haven't since.


07-01-2006 16:12:24

[quote7c25ed6c6a="tylerc"]They made one shipment initially and haven't since.[/quote7c25ed6c6a]

Not true. They made another shipment right after Christmas too.


07-01-2006 16:13:48

o rly?

Shows how much I pay attention to Trainn.


07-01-2006 16:28:24

Freepay needs to let us request a gift card on the Xbox 360 site if we want.


08-01-2006 21:13:11

freepay isn't approving anyone else until they get there hands on some systems to ship out to those who are already approved.

Where did you here march from? I was hoping for the end of this month


08-01-2006 21:16:28

[quotea463dc9858="J4320"]Freepay needs to let us request a gift card on the Xbox 360 site if we want.[/quotea463dc9858]

You don't need to say this in every thread.


10-01-2006 14:30:13

Well that news certainly sucks. I submitted for approval around mid November and I am still not approved. I wish that they would just approve me so I can place my order and not have to check the freaking site every day. Or, I wish that they would send me an email letting me know my account has been approved and I can place my order like Traiin does. Instead, I have to keep checking the site until they decide to approve me. I dont understand their logic for not appproving accounts. Either way they are going to have pissed off customers. What is the harm in approving more accounts on a regular schedule. They are still going to have to ship out the same number of Xbox's. That is enough ranting for now. Until the next Xbox 360 approval thread is started....


12-01-2006 14:36:31

i just got approved today


13-01-2006 12:29:39

just to make sure - the xbox site requires 8 refferals right?


13-01-2006 13:01:25



13-01-2006 13:05:49

I've been processing since July 11. (