freepay still ship stuff without telling you?

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06-01-2006 21:07:21

just wondering cause i would like to be here when my acer lappy reaches, i hope they ship out fast cause they are readibly built unlike the compaqs

anyway to tell if it was shipped? (i remember there were those zipcode tricks back in the day)


06-01-2006 22:22:28

The last thing I got, they gave me a tracking number, but it will depend who they ship through.


06-01-2006 23:02:41

When they shipped my Cyberpower there was a tracking number on my order status page that said it was for USPS. It tried it but it didn't work, so I tried it on UPS which also didn't work and then on FedEx which finally worked.

THey may not explicitly let you know, but there should be something on your order status page when it says shipped.


07-01-2006 06:53:05

I dont think that much. A lot of people on here said they got their stuff while it still said stv waiting on product.


07-01-2006 07:56:24

Ya, the funny thing is my status turned shipped 1 day after I actually received my iPod S


07-01-2006 09:02:12

Jake said the acers should be showing up soon.


07-01-2006 10:03:20

[quotefdc10c292c="shamash"]Jake said the acers should be showing up soon.[/quotefdc10c292c]

as in they shipped or are gonna? D


07-01-2006 10:48:49

im not sure, i pmed him saying

[quote9433ddfd90]Are the Acers expected to ship soon?[/quote9433ddfd90]

and he replied saying

[quote9433ddfd90]It should be soon.




07-01-2006 10:52:42

ah cool, probbly ship next week then


07-01-2006 15:54:22

Yeah My Cyberpower says 'shipped' since the 4th....What does that mean?


07-01-2006 15:59:19

[quote5a3423b29d="MusicStats"]Yeah My Cyberpower says 'shipped' since the 4th....What does that mean?[/quote5a3423b29d]