Too many refs needed for Gaming Systems?

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05-01-2006 14:58:02

What do you guys think? It seems like 4 is a lot for a Micro or a DS, what do you guys think should happen with this site?


05-01-2006 15:34:47

I just finished it and I think 4 for a micro is too much at least 3 for micro and maybe gamecube and they should put maybe a check on there or some games for the systems.


05-01-2006 15:35:56

get a ps2 sell it on ebay

they are all a little undervalued now price of these old systems keeps dropping


05-01-2006 15:45:03

I'd think a consolidation of this with PS3s, PSPs and 360s is coming, but that they just have too much stock remanining on PS2s and original XBOXs for this to happen yet.

Just a guess though...


05-01-2006 16:12:03

besides the PS2 aren't all of the systems cheaper than a shuffle which only requires 3?


05-01-2006 16:14:16

Maybe they keep it like that so that actually make a nice profit even if someone completes the site.


05-01-2006 21:09:57

i would love to see them through in a random game with whatever system you get. choosing one on the site might be a bit complicated, but if they just bought the best title for each system in bulk, there is a good chance most people will be happy and little confusion will be made.


06-01-2006 04:54:12

Yea they should put bundles there. They sure take a long time to actually ship out the stuff though. I've been stv waiting on product since the 22nd of dec and its killing me, just when is it going to come? Its my first freebie thats why because other people I know thinks its a scam.