xbox360 to get HD-DVD drive, how does it affect us???

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05-01-2006 12:27:14


This is officially from Microsoft so yea....

No word what it means for people with the launch day xboxes

the more important question....what does it mean for people that have finished the FreePay site???


05-01-2006 12:39:21

It means nothing... Microsoft will be making the HD-DVD drive EXTERNAL, meaning it will work with ANY Xbox360. I watched Bill Gates speech live last night. The only thing we don't know is how much it will cost and what/if games will be made in HD format. I am guessing the first games will be the ones that use multiple DVDs. It would be only logical for them to offer a HD-DVD version for those who don't want to swap DVDs. wink


05-01-2006 12:41:54

are you sure it won't be for games though?


05-01-2006 13:15:30

[quote31de2eb2fb="n3il89"]are you sure it won't be for games though?[/quote31de2eb2fb]

yea, that's what they said before. seems dumb though. I bet some game developers will eventually release multidisk games on hd-dvd and regular.


05-01-2006 13:15:49

I think eventually Microsoft will have the 360 with built in HD drive and an external drive for 360's made now. It will be quite a while until Freepay gets them, so i don't think it will affect you any.

I hope that the current 360's can be modded to accept a internal HD drive.


05-01-2006 13:55:54

With this announced so soon after launch you'd think they would just build in support for it, or have the drive interchangeable. I swear they just rushed this launch for xmas money


05-01-2006 14:18:23

I agree that they should have made the drives removable, but Microsoft has said numorous times that they will NOT be making a version that has the HD-DVD drive built-in. The price of the Xbox360 would go over $500 if they did that. Currently, only movies are on HD-DVDs and even if games did eventually go to HD, I doubt there will be enough to warrent a built-in drive.


05-01-2006 14:24:48

As long as it doesn't effect the retail price of the 360 I get from freepay, then I'm happy.