overcharged credit card

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05-01-2006 10:55:53

i just checked my credit card statement and it says i have somewhere around $70 worth of false charges...from companies that i canceled. some of them were from previous stuff...some were from freepay sites. Now i have to call up all these companies and get thier charges removed before i have to pay them. grr...so frustrating!

is it just me, or does anyone else ever have this problem with certain companies?


05-01-2006 11:34:20

I prefer to use simon giftcards for those [id01ff753a3]shady[/id01ff753a3] offers.

I mean, I love having 50 dollar charges put against me behind my back.....but you know ?


05-01-2006 11:37:04

Yes I have heard of people having these issues, but I guarantee it's because you guys were tricked into staying on. If you don't like the service and want to cancel, always get the cancellation numbers and save them somewhere. Good luck with that....


05-01-2006 11:38:45

yep, the thing was it that somr were the like "shady" offers, but some were like aol and stuff like that. i dunno...it just sucks.

btw, i hadn't bothered to add up the different charges, and it's acually closer to like $85. wtf...i hate this.

u use a simon giftcard? how do you get one of those? i'm gonna start a thread asking exactly which gift cards work and which gift card could be considered frauding the companies. but i think in the future i'm just gonna set up a paypal accont and pay people to sign up, must easier that way


05-01-2006 11:41:25

u mean the number u have to call to cancel? i still have those. some of the offers i even have the email telling me i won't be charged cuz my account was canceled. oh well...u just needed to vent...


05-01-2006 11:50:07

Call atleast TWICE.

I've had guys tell me that my service was cancelled before I even gave them my name for fucks sake.


05-01-2006 11:52:47

yep, well to top it all off i've been on hold for the AOL billing department for about 40 min! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! CAN'T YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE! This just sucks....

chazmann....was that phone calls or emals, cuz i've had both...?


05-01-2006 11:57:53

mainly phone calls. And be a total dick. I mean, a big fucking asshole if needed.

Some of these companies think we're push overs and wont do anything about extra charges.


05-01-2006 12:23:46



16-01-2006 00:32:45

switching prepaid debit card companies=good idea for not being charged because of closing accounts.no more shady offers for me


14-02-2006 23:23:27

they charged me 40 bucks after i cancelled, the problem is i called them last week and I wast here, im still going to call them and try to get my money back.
you think this is possible? cry


15-02-2006 20:06:18

I also agree that this is almost always a result of a "trick" offer. An offer they try and hook with another offer.

Or like on freebidding where when you login they try and trick you to click cause 90% of the page is a hyperlinked image. As soon as you click your account "upgrades" to premium and auto-bills your card. You gotta find the tiny link at the bottom to log in as a trial member


16-02-2006 08:36:09

How do Visa gift cards work? What do you put for your name, and what about the security panel?


16-02-2006 11:10:55

I thought the simon cards were deemed fraud...


16-02-2006 12:19:32

I checked my CC statement and Lowe's Complete Home had charged me three consecutive times - three days in a row after I had canceled. I called the number on my CC bill - the one listed next to the charges and they had no record of charging me three times, but removed the charges - go figure that one out - plus I nor the referral that signed up for the same offer EVER got our $30 gift card for trying it out but he did get charged ONCE after canceling. What a waste of my time.