PCS.FREEPAY.COM and v2000 orders that went STV

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04-01-2006 10:50:42

Today (Jan 4th) I went STV on pcs.freepay.com. I had ordered the compaq v2000. I had already faxed in my W9, but recived this email today from gratis

[quote6fc7e36be5]I just wanted to inform everybody that your orders for the Compaq Presario V2000 laptop have been submitted to HP today. The current estimated build-time quoted by HP is February 1, 2006. Normally, we would require everybody to fill out and submit an IRS W-9 form to us for tax purposes, due to the value of the item being over $600. However, HP currently is running a promotion that has reduced the price of this laptop slightly below the $600 mark. Therefore, we will not need the W-9 forms from you. To those that have already submitted to them to us, we will shred them. [/quote6fc7e36be5]

So good news to those finishing the site because there is no W9, but looks like its gonna be a month before they we get them. ( Well now I got a race between premiumipods (still awaiting approval) and HP to build this laptop


04-01-2006 14:46:15

repost )

but who is that in your avy?


05-01-2006 00:23:13

I went to SHIPPED. I went for the Cyberpower Xplorer - did it really ship or did they just send out the info to Cyberpower?!


05-01-2006 09:21:39

Yours was shipped, it seems that it's only the HP laptops that require a build time.


05-01-2006 16:10:53

Traditionally, Cyberpowers require a build time as well.


09-01-2006 15:19:23

ahhhh crap why didn't i just pick the damn acer laptop! i need the money now, is there anyway for me to cancel still? I am currently STV


09-01-2006 15:26:05

I'm not sure, you could fill out a support ticket.


09-01-2006 15:30:59

yeah i did. i am so stupid i just went to stv late last week and i should have just canceled cause i knew it would take awhile ot get the compaq but i had no idea it would be a month


11-01-2006 17:42:45

Its amazing!! i am shipped!!! for V2000!!! I just went stv last wednesday!!


13-01-2006 06:36:11

Wednesday night I was still STV, but about 8am yesterday (Thursday) morning, a FedEx truck showed up with my V2000.


13-01-2006 07:36:36

wow, yesterday i got my acer as well