Whats the long wait for?

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03-01-2006 16:36:32

I've been stv for gamingsystems since dec 22nd and I still havn't gotten it yet. I seen other people get their stuff and went stv later or on the same day get their stuff. Why is my order taking long to arrive?


04-01-2006 04:44:40



04-01-2006 07:19:18

maybe because they were on vacation pretty much from christmas until january 2nd. hopefully you get it soon. i know i hadn't seen a green in weeks up until yesterday.


04-01-2006 13:00:44

It was just weird because they werent on vacationwhen I went stv. Someone else on here went stv the same day and got their ds before me.


04-01-2006 14:49:13

maybe its lost in the mail?


04-01-2006 15:01:48

Did you try tracking your order using the DHL site?


04-01-2006 15:38:21

[quoteb8b43e9f38="Airkat"]maybe its lost in the mail?[/quoteb8b43e9f38]
lol Please dont say that. I remember something like that happened and I thought it was lost but took a while to come. I put my address in correctly and still haven't gotten it yet. It makes you feel kinda mad when you see people getting the SAME thing and they went stv way after. Oh well I'll just wait.... (


05-01-2006 15:52:14

Still haven't got it. UPS came but it was something else for my mom. Oh man its real frustrating waiting for something for 2 weeks and counting.


06-01-2006 15:39:54

day 14 and still nothing. Its unusual of them to take that long to ship out orders. Now week 3 is coming.