iPods Nanos - Processing

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31-12-2005 18:31:58

Who's still under Processing in the iPods nanos website? I've been waiting for about a month or two to get approved and now im waiting for the processing! it's been about 2 days or so! evil


01-01-2006 01:27:14

Approval is longer than processing. But it takes almost 2 months from when you request approval to receiving it.


02-01-2006 09:11:11

I think it takes about a month for approval but it can take longer or less time to get approved it all jus depends on how busy they are.


02-01-2006 17:45:17

damn it, still under processing.


03-01-2006 03:11:45

fyi, they have days off from new year too... they're not robots..
i got approve on dec 31 and im still processing..


03-01-2006 05:13:47

same here only i went to processing on friday 30th dec but i think at the rate there dilevering i think u shud recieve you free ipod very soon!!


03-01-2006 15:33:19

I just went STV today... D