Premium Ipods taking long

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29-12-2005 17:43:55

well now im kinda fed up with the waiting time. i mean its been over amonth and still no sign of approval. i requested aproval on the 23rd of nov. been too long. let me know wats goin on with freepay.


29-12-2005 18:06:46

they're all on vacation so don't expect to be approved until after the holidays are over


29-12-2005 18:17:37

well i know that. did you see when i requested approval. the vaction is only like 6 days. counting boht the vacations they had


29-12-2005 19:46:07

i don't know about the rest of freepay, but jake's been on vaca from the 23 till the 5th. i know the regular ipod site has been taking a long time to approve, but i havn't heard anything about the premium site. ur right though, that is a [b11b27f5f28]really[/b11b27f5f28] long time to be waiting. sorry.


29-12-2005 19:46:51

I hope I dont have to wait as long as you are (still are). I submitted my request for approval on 12/16. 7 to 10 business days for me would be the 3rd or 6th of Jan. Hopefully the will get started on us that are waiting the first day they get back.


30-12-2005 14:58:18

i submitted for approval on December 1



10-01-2006 14:31:05

i submitted on dec. 13...anyone in here have any updates?


10-01-2006 17:49:55

Nope no updates here. Next week on Monday will be exactly one month I have been waiting for approval......................(