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28-12-2005 17:37:07

I know you need to submit a tax form. Where do you get it and where do you send it?


28-12-2005 17:41:40

[b4e2097679f]PLEASE[/b4e2097679f] use the search function that is located on the top right of these forums. They answer pretty much ANY question.


Gratis Internet, Inc.
Attention Fulfillment Department
P.O. Box 50945
Washington, DC 20091

Or you can fax it to (202)216-9044

Or you can fill out the form, scan it and send it to

Things like this could also be answered by opening a support ticket and asking. Freepay won't just leave you out in the dark about things like this.


28-12-2005 17:42:22

They email it to you, and then you can fill it out, sign it, scan it, and send it back.


28-12-2005 17:45:30

oh ok thanks


28-12-2005 20:55:18

i wonder what i am gonna have to do for freepay, seeing that i don't work and i am unemployed with no SSn

(i'm not a citizen, just a resident, but Jake said that was ok)

i think i'm suppose to fill out a w8 and pay either 30% or nothing, but i dunno.... oh how i love the taxes!


29-12-2005 22:09:17

Just a note, that fax number is now out of service. In fact, if you call that number, it'll interestingly give you the number directly to Gratis and you can reach their CS department by phone.

Don't know if that's information I should give out... but yeah.


29-12-2005 22:31:33

If anyone can call it, I don't see what's so special about you having it ;)


29-12-2005 23:10:58

Well, the number isn't listed on the site and the only way I found it was by calling the fax number and hoping to listen to the fax sounds. Then it gave me another number that I was hoping to be the fax number.

I'm not sure if Gratis wants to start doing phone CS. But if you change the two digits of the phone number up to 20, you get different people who work for Gratis. I think I may have heard Jake's name in there as well.

Hence... I'm not sure if everyone should have it because Jake and the others will have like 20 million voicemail asking about status.


30-12-2005 03:28:42

I've got no reason to call, but it's nice to have.