no t-shirt?

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28-12-2005 12:52:45

I got my DS in the mail the other day, but no t-shirt was with it.
I thought they were sending them out with their products?
No big deal, but I wouldn't mind having another shirt.


28-12-2005 12:58:02

I thought those came seperate of your products, seeing as the products are shipped from the vendor not Freepay


28-12-2005 13:47:44

My t-shirt came with my item. They must have just forgotten. You can probably submit a ticket, but dunno if you want to go through with it.


28-12-2005 13:48:55

Also, it may be a possibility the t-shirts only come with the Ipods. I have it listed under my Ipod shuffle approval, and I believe I just filled it out for my freedesktoppc, but it doesn't show up on my order.


28-12-2005 13:51:21

Sometimes they come separately.

I got my t-shirt like a week before my Sony TV.


28-12-2005 14:03:25

i just got my PS2 and my shirt came with the gift. same when i got my nano


28-12-2005 15:00:47

hm i guess its different for everything. thanks!


28-12-2005 15:08:24

I never got a shirt for any Gratis offer I completed. (