Freepay credit BS

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28-12-2005 11:39:11

I submitted a customer service ticket a few days ago on the freelaptops site for a missing credit for inkblvd. I had ordered a toner cartridge from inkblvd for my office, so since it was for work, I used my work e-mail address to order the toner (and my work credit card to pay for it).

I have never heard that this would be a problem, but this is freepay's response

[quote9ae701a0fd]We received your confirmation email but unfortunately we can not credit your account at this time. Can you explain why the email address on the confirmation email is different from the one you provided us during registerations.[/quote9ae701a0fd]

I have explained the best I could, and I hope I get it worked out. Have any of you ever had this problem?



28-12-2005 12:29:55

I had that problem when I did the realrhapsody offer with my yahoo email and they said the same thing. Just ask and explain and prove to them nicely and they should credit you. When I thought I wasnt going to get credit they finally did. I recommend you dont do that anymore because you can probably not get credit.