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27-12-2005 23:41:42

Which one should i get, i heard the black has more noticable scratches when its scratched?


27-12-2005 23:52:46

Yes, but it also looks better, in my opinion.


28-12-2005 05:32:08

black is very slick looking

i got a black nano, and i never took the plastic that is on the front of the Nano off, i kept it on


28-12-2005 05:53:33



28-12-2005 11:44:53

definately black but get some good headphones cuz the apple 1's are really cheap!


28-12-2005 11:58:34

Get the black, but order the Agent 18 case off of the apple site or

There are coupon codes out there for 15%, I found it a few weeks ago and used it. Pretty much gives you free shipping. Totally forgot what it was though. Good case, a little on the bulky side, but it comes with a screen protector and will keep the scratches away.


28-12-2005 16:13:35

yeah the black one is nicer


28-12-2005 16:18:59

I like white


29-12-2005 12:35:24

I think putting an iPod in a case detracts from the whole experience. I like the metal/plastic feeling in my hand. Scratches aren't that big of a deal, but most people would disagree with me.

I say black.


29-12-2005 12:43:52

Whatever color you choose to buy, forgo any case option, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and proceed immediately to The Invisible Shield[=http//]The Invisible Shield. I got one of these for my white video iPod and was EXTREMELY pleased with how it turned out. A little pricey at $25 but well worth it if you know that you are going to be disappointed after the face starts getting scratched. Another bonus although snug, with the InvisibleShield installed you can still slip your iPod into the suede carrying case that comes with it. 8)