How long does stv take?

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27-12-2005 19:33:18

I've been stv for gamingsystems since thursday 22nd and today still havn't gotten nothing yet. I've seen lots of people on here say they got their stuff friday after being stv thursday. They said their status still said stv and they got their item. Im really anxious to when Im getting my item. I just want to know because how people got their stuff friday and saturday and I didnt get nothing yet after being stv the same time as others.


27-12-2005 19:34:24

ive heard many people get them overnighted or within a couple days. they are quick shipping once you get STV.


27-12-2005 19:35:35

Man thanks for the quick reply. I will see if I get it tommorow.


28-12-2005 18:38:43

Well I didnt get it today... Maybe tomorrow.


28-12-2005 18:49:22

I'm STV Waiting on product currently on my freepsps one.

So i'm guessing something this week.

With freegaming systems, i got it about a few days after it went STV.But...... that was over a month ago.

Let's hope we both get something from the yellow truck tomorrow ;-)


29-12-2005 07:38:08

I would guess that how quickly you get your item depends on what it is. Is anyone, for example, STV on a nano? If so, you might have to wait a bit. I'm "sent to vendor, waiting on product" on a 30GB video Ipod, and I don't know if those are really scarce as well.

Freepay says to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery for items that are in high demand.



29-12-2005 15:55:25

didn't get it today, so i'm still "sent to vendor, waiting on product"

guess patience is the key


30-12-2005 15:32:40

Im mad now. My bro and friends thinks its a scam because I thought I would get it today. We see a ups truck come by and guy comes out with a package and goes to another apartment and then goes upstairs then leaves. Now my vacation is over without a ds.... Guess maybe next week...


02-01-2006 07:58:58

I've jus went processing on friday and coolbgdog be patiant! i had 2 wait a month b4 i got approved and when you do get approved u no 4 sure that ure gettin ure free item!