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27-12-2005 19:11:54

I am sure this has been asked and answered a million times but here it is again. i was approved today on pcs.freepay.com and order the compaq laptop, how long should it be before its shipped?


27-12-2005 19:27:33

generally I always allow one month from the time I finish a site to when I recieve the gift

2 weeks to be approved

2 weeks to get the gift

ive been approved in a matter of days

also went from waiting for approval to gift in hand in 24hrs

it all depends is the final answer I am giving you, but just be patient you should get it soon i'd guess.

when it says STV you are almost there


27-12-2005 22:21:28

check your email, you have to fill out tax forms.

then it should take about a week.