Where does freepay ship gamingsystems from?

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27-12-2005 09:24:37

I called dhl to see If I can track my order with an order number and I gave them the zip code 49637 and they said they dont see any movement there but is that zipcode the same with all deliveries? I ordered a nintendo ds from gamingsystems and went stv thursday 22nd and some other people said they got their psps and ipods the next day after being stv and it still said stv.


27-12-2005 09:30:41

There is no mail on the 25th and 26th which may be why you wouldnt have gotten it.

If you're STV you should get it today or tomorrow for sure. If not, send in a support ticket.


27-12-2005 09:34:12

I checked the dhl transit times and it showed deliveries starting today.


27-12-2005 11:28:43

Mine was delivered via UPS. I just got it today, and i think that i went STV on wed. the 21st. maybe a little earlier


27-12-2005 11:45:56

okay. If ups then I should get it later because most ups deliveries to me always come at around the evening. Or maybe it will come by usps. I remember when I was entering my address while I was ordering it it told me to use the corrected usps address. But usps is right down the street from me and I havent gotten any word from them today. Im just anxious because its my first freebie.