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22-12-2005 12:14:42

Is this a new offer I see?

Hopefully it's a good one )


22-12-2005 12:37:37

just do RealRhaspody or RealArcade


22-12-2005 15:46:14

I just saw this one go up as well. Really happy it did, since the next cheapest offer I could do was like $20.


22-12-2005 16:58:49

i did it for a trade on digicam

hopefully its a fast green


23-12-2005 08:34:19

[quotebc75dff47a="mkvelidadon"]just do RealRhaspody or RealArcade[/quotebc75dff47a]

Some people have already done these offers for other sites!


23-12-2005 15:49:09

Yeah but I think he thinks it's ok to do offers more than once...


23-12-2005 16:30:46

[quote00c9bd20da="tylerc"]Yeah but I think he thinks it's ok to do offers more than once...[/quote00c9bd20da]

i didn't think that was even possible.


23-12-2005 18:58:59

how is this trial? What do u get with it, any free downloads? Any activation fees?


23-12-2005 20:22:12

yeah,im curious what this is?


28-12-2005 10:10:52

anyone gone green for this yet? been waiting a few days now


28-12-2005 10:39:56

i did it about 5 days ago.. still no credit

and its a 7 day trial to basically a AOL web-based realrhapsody


28-12-2005 10:41:00

and yes realrhapsody is a billion times better


28-12-2005 10:57:01

im on the 6th day of doing it, not green


28-12-2005 17:29:35

Damn this seems to be taking a while for you people. I was thinking about signing up for this too since there aren't any good offers left that I haven't done.


28-12-2005 23:32:11

are those two dudes kissing? Ugh that's gross as hell.


29-12-2005 09:15:04

just turned green for this, yay

took 7 days


29-12-2005 10:47:40

any fees? Do you have to call into customer service or can any actions you want to do be done online?


29-12-2005 11:47:27

I was wondering this too, how much does it cost?


30-12-2005 10:00:56

it costs $1.00 for a 1 week trial

i just found out it wasn't this offer i got creditted for, it was the offer i did before this which i thought wasn't going to credit since i never got the email, well that kinda blows.


31-12-2005 00:48:07

Anyone had to wait a long time for this to credit? I'm looking at almost a week now since my GF signed up and did this offer. I've waited about 3 days on another site that I signed up and did.


31-12-2005 12:20:29

I did this a long while ago for giftcards.freepay and it still hasn't credited. (


31-12-2005 14:01:04

looks like no one has received credit for this offer..
i cancelled this offer yesterday, because realrhapsody is a whole lot better and i have a subscription to that.. i should still receive credit though


02-01-2006 19:57:52

has anyone gotten credit? how about manual credit? ive been waiting bout 7 days now. Thanks.


02-01-2006 20:17:55

Argh, I'm waiting on my last referral for Giftcards.FreePay to credit and he did this offer.


02-01-2006 23:07:31

hopefully jake will comment on this when he gets back... it seems NO ONE who did this offer is receiving credit


03-01-2006 22:57:39

Just thought I'd follow up on this and say that I along with all my refs who did the MusicNow offer went green. I'm still sticking with my gut feeling that because it was during the Christmas season it took longer than normal for Freepay to process all the signups.


04-01-2006 01:49:13

yep i went green as well


04-01-2006 07:40:13

now i have musicnow trial and instacast ticked off on ps3s


05-01-2006 12:37:59

It took me about 10 days to get credit, but I'm assuming it was because of the holidays. It is a great offer because it was free and all customer service issues are handled online. I would rate it even higher if it didn't take so long to credit, but I don't mind waiting for a free offer!


08-01-2006 07:25:58

i dont think it was just because of the holidays, ive been almost 7 days now and still no credit.


08-01-2006 14:52:22

So is this just one person that has greened from this offer? I really want to do this one because its cheap.


16-01-2006 12:10:28

I'm going to re-bump this because this is one of the few offers I can do on this site. I just want to know if people are receiving credit for this offer.


16-01-2006 13:24:51

its free to find out.

i didn't get credit BTW


16-01-2006 13:34:27

yeah.....Im not touching this offer ANY time soon. Congrats freepay!


16-01-2006 16:53:03

I did this offer yesturday, lets see whats happens.


16-01-2006 18:36:22

I did this one last week and it took about 7 days maybe to go green. At least it went green without me having to submit for manual credit!


17-01-2006 15:24:04

So it is looking like they wait until the free trial period ends before crediting...

I just did this offer yesterday and I am hoping I receive credit for it be Friday.

P.S.- Does anyone know what the average time it takes freepay to credit offers?



17-01-2006 15:24:42

I greened today, did it last Monday.


17-01-2006 16:33:46

[quotea0638145ed="tylerc"]I greened today, did it last Monday.[/quotea0638145ed]

Hmm, so it seems my theory is proving to be correct. Your the second to say you were credited after a week's time, which happens to be the length of the free trial.

Question though. Were you then charged the $9.95 or something on the seventh day?


17-01-2006 19:13:18

credited 10-11 days, canceled on 5-6th


17-01-2006 21:03:47

Yes, I got charged, I went to cancel on the 7th day, but got charged $9.95.

I was going to cancel because I have Rhapsody and like Rhapsody better.


18-01-2006 09:38:19

No wonder my last 2 refs haven't greened. I asked them what offer they did and they both said MusicNow. -/

One did it on Friday and the other one on Sunday.
So, maybe I should stop checking my status 100 times an hour. D


18-01-2006 13:38:03

[quote807e020b36="Psyc"]One did it on Friday and the other one on Sunday.
So, maybe I should stop checking my status 100 times an hour. D[/quote807e020b36]

Hahaha...I hear ya. I've been checking nearly as often; I get so impatient. I'm so pumped to get my video iPod...There's no way I could wait 8 months for referrals like some people on here. More power to 'em though


20-01-2006 14:20:46

When you guys say 7 days, is this including Saturday & Sunday? I'm starting to get impatient now. My friend did this offer 7 days ago (incl. weekend) and she hasn't gotten credit for it yet. -(


21-01-2006 00:26:07

Mine credited on the 7th or 8th day including weekends.


22-01-2006 10:55:00

? ? ? ? It appears this offer is gone. I really wanted to do it too. x


26-01-2006 14:01:47

I dont know if this offer really is gone or not, but I received credit after about 7 or 8 days or so, like everyone else. I wasnt charged either...


27-01-2006 11:06:29

Yah, I cancelled on the 6th day, got credit on I believe the 8th. Easy cancel too. All you have to do is click one link. Takes a little while, but definitely worth it.


27-01-2006 20:11:25

[quote515712bb0d="joshe181"]Yah, I cancelled on the 6th day, got credit on I believe the 8th. Easy cancel too. All you have to do is click one link. Takes a little while, but definitely worth it.[/quote515712bb0d]

no talk of cancelation


27-01-2006 20:27:11

i think some of these people are gonna get banned or this thread is going to get locked no c=word here