Christmas and the Freepay Santa

Live forum:


20-12-2005 07:40:24

Anyone have a thought about Freepay sending out a nice Xmas/Holiday gift to its users.

hey Jake, I would like some free refs. LOL


20-12-2005 09:18:43

Google does this, maybe Freepay will.


20-12-2005 09:57:36

Send me a Freepay clock. D


20-12-2005 10:12:51

google sends its researchers nice little presents. I don't know if it will continue, but Freepay should think like google.

C'mon Jake, think big BE BIG!


20-12-2005 10:16:22

How about Freepay sends a clock to the people who finished in or before August or so and they include a little note that says, "Thanks for waiting" or something.

I'm dying for one of those clocks. D