The secret new product?

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19-12-2005 10:25:26


[quoteee004cb58c]What's possibly coming out this Spring, from our favorite gadget supplier? Turn these words into a product and maybe you'll have the answer...

On demand

Excited? We are!

Hmm... movies, TV, demand... Tivo? iPod dock? Maybe some kind of ultimate media center?

I'm trying to figure out if they mean this is going to be somethign offered by them, or something their "Favorite supplier -- maybe apple" will be offering soon?


19-12-2005 10:43:39

Sounds like it will be a product that integrates all of the above. I'm guessing it's Apple.


19-12-2005 11:01:21

I'm guessing it was posted prior to the unveiling of the iPod video.


19-12-2005 11:06:48

sounds like the vugo thing from hasbro, but it's already been release and i'm certain it's not a "favorite supplier". the vugo is a piece of crap too.

shrug who knows. sounds like a personal video player of some sort.


19-12-2005 11:13:33

cellphone ipod


19-12-2005 12:01:36

maybe its a mac mini and an ipod

like a llitte entertainment kit


19-12-2005 12:14:41

[quote32a3284583="KeithA"]I'm guessing it was posted prior to the unveiling of the iPod video.[/quote32a3284583]

no, it's a new entry...
Mini Rumor Control
Posted on December 19, 2005[/quote32a3284583]


19-12-2005 12:17:23

Well, I knwo you can download shows from itunes now.. maybe they're going to have a service to receive videos on demand on ur ipod?


19-12-2005 12:20:13

I don't get it.


19-12-2005 12:24:08

sounds like it is the Apple PVR thing that i've been hearing about from my friend. He tells me that basically they are getting rid of the mac minis and releasing this PVR thing (mini, Movies, TV, ondemand) instead, which might have an ipod dock (ipod, dock).
thats my speculation


19-12-2005 12:27:27




19-12-2005 12:28:49

So how much does one of those cost?


19-12-2005 12:31:03

It's not yet even proved to exist...

Here's more for those too lazy to click...

[quoteb06fa21e4c]Its on ThinkSecret, which means, of course, that we cant verify the information or its source, but now the rumor on top of the pile for things we might see at Macworld in January is that the Mac mini will be given a second life as a Front Row 2.0-bearing digital media hub complete with DVR features. Apparently itll also be an Intel Mac, and feature an iPod dock, in addition to receiving a larger (physically and logically) 3.5-inch drive all of which would undoubtedly result in a more corpulent Mac mini. There are a lot of things we could (but wont) get into here, but we would like to take a moment to say that if Apple did want to get their foot in the door to the living room really quick n easy, an [bb06fa21e4c]Intel Mac mini + Front Row + DVR + iPod dock[/bb06fa21e4c] would be the way to do it. In fact, the only thing theyd probably have to worry about would be the low-margin mini really cannibalizing thes sales of their non-Intel, non-DVR higher-margin iMac and Power Mac products (at least for the time being). But again, this is all unconfirmed, so well ease up on ya.[/quoteb06fa21e4c]


19-12-2005 12:31:42

I know it doesn't exist, but how much would it most likely run for?


19-12-2005 13:47:22

I have been following the rumors about the new Mini Mac that is susposedly going to be announced at Mac World which I think starts on Jan. 9. My question is do you think that this will replace Freepays current site or will there be two? I am almost done and I can gladly wait to finish the site to get this computer. I also bet there will be an upgrade to the Ipods w/ Video, Apple seems to update them like every other week now.