rhapsody problem

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18-12-2005 12:31:37

my friend clicked on my referral link and signed up. he then signed up for rhapsody and it said i would get instant credit. i did not recieve credit and its been a few hours. is this normal?


18-12-2005 12:36:41

Yes. Often Rhaposdy isn't as "instant" as it says. Sometimes it takes a couple of days. But if he did everything correctly, you and him will still get credit. If 15 business days pass, he can submit a no credit request and Freepay will manually credit the accounts.


18-12-2005 13:14:12

he might have had cookies blocked...will that stop the credit from counting? would it warn him if cookies were blocked? thx


18-12-2005 13:17:25

I hear it's best to allow cookies when doing offers. Like I said, if he doesn't get credit in 15 days, ask him to open a no credit request. Make sure he KEEPS his confirmation e-mail from Rhapsody.


18-12-2005 13:18:16

ok..thx man


18-12-2005 13:26:38



19-12-2005 07:43:00

it took me over a week to get credit for rhapsody, just so you know.