From green to yellow

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16-12-2005 14:20:43

Okay, so I submitted for approval about 10 Business days ago and today one of my referals went from green back to yellow. This is my first time requesting approval for anything. Does this mean that the guy didn't do an offer or will it go back to green?

If it does go back to green am I going to have to start the approval process all over again?



16-12-2005 14:22:26

If his green goes gyellow, i t means he pissed on it.

It means his credit has been revoked and he might have to send in a customer contact form or complete another offer.

And yes, you will have to go through another approval process.


16-12-2005 14:26:51

Damn. I think he pissed off Jake in another thread. Waiting to hear back from my PM to him.


16-12-2005 16:14:27

it probably means he did an instant offer, then instantly cancelled once he saw confirmation of his green.


16-12-2005 16:23:48

He said it's green on his end, but I'm still showing yellow. I PMed Jake and left a message with Customer Service. Probably won't hear anything until Monday at the earliest.