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15-12-2005 09:11:57

So, I've already gotten an iPod from Gratis / Freepay, in like March of this year. Now that they have the bigger, color iPods, and the Nanos on, can I get another one? I'm assuming the answer is no, because I got one already, but it can't hurt to ask. Also, if I've opened an account on the nano site, but not done anything, can I be a referral to a friend by opening a new account under a different email? I know some people have contacted freepay and informed them that they will not be using the other account, and freepay was OK with it.


15-12-2005 10:27:57

No, I don't think you can do that...


15-12-2005 10:58:02

i think as long as you werent a referral for someone already and you havent done an offer it should be ok, i'd PM jake or send them an email or something.
also if you already did free ipods, you can't do it again, but there is the premium ipod site and the nano site that you can do, since they are different sites.


15-12-2005 11:34:24

Yerp, that's what I thought.


15-12-2005 15:22:06

[quote867f37320c="coolbreeze06"]No, I don't think you can do that...[/quote867f37320c]