Repocar warning

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14-12-2005 17:52:27

I signed up for the repocar 24-hour trial. I canceled with them only an hour later and was still charge 39.95 plus the 5.95 for the 1-day trial. I am disputing the charge, but thought I would warn you all to watch your accounts when doing this offer.


14-12-2005 18:04:28

I didn't have a problem.


15-12-2005 07:05:16

Just an update for anyone interested. I sent them an email and they credited the the wrong amount over night.


15-12-2005 08:43:08

ummm, isn't cancelling immediately against the tos???

maybe that is why they charged you


15-12-2005 08:47:29

Im thinking it's against FreePay's TOS, but i dont think theres a rule preventing you from deciding to cancel immediately. So either way they cant charge you until your trial is up.


15-12-2005 08:53:17

once upon a time a boy mentioned the c word twice in a thread. He had a green for repocar. the green was taken away. It was very sad.


15-12-2005 08:56:08

In fairness, Repocar is a 1-day trial, so if you decide you don't like it, immediate cancellation would be necessary.


15-12-2005 10:00:58

but it's not a 1 hour trial.


15-12-2005 11:53:36

But how long does it take to look around the site and decide if you want to subscribe or not? Not 24 hours. Gratis encourages you to stay on but all that you are required to do is sign up for the trial offer. Im not somebody who cancels everything, this particular site didnt do it for me though.


15-12-2005 17:32:42

We don't talk of canceling here.


15-12-2005 20:12:05


Talk of cancellation on here is against the rules. Signing up for an offer and then cancelling after an hour is considered frauding the offers. If they thought that 1 hour was sufficient time for customers to evaluate their service, then they would offer a 1 hour trial.

Cancelling after only one hour shows that you really have no interest in the offer in the 1st place and that all you really care about is getting credit and making sure you don't get charged.