Do free sites link accounts by IP automatically?

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13-12-2005 20:05:28

I have a few IP related concerns/questions...

First, I set up an account on a while back and hadn't visited in a while. I completed the blockbuster offer. When I log into the site now, it still has that offer grayed out with red checkmarks so that I cannot complete it again.

So flash to a year later, and here I am signing up for other freepay sites from the same computer, including xbox, psps, giftcards, etc... I'm using a completely different email address now than I used for ipods.freepay, so even though I have my ipods.freepay membership with email address 1, I have the giftcards.freepay with email account 2. Same computer, same IP, different email addresss/logins.

When I signed up at giftcards.freepay, I completed the Connections offer. The strange thing now is that when I log into ipods.freepay with email account 1, the Connections offer is grayed out... BUT, when I log into giftcards.freepay under the OTHER email address, I still don't have credit for completing the Connections offer under giftcards.freepay.

Is it possible that my cookies somehow got confused and now I'm in danger of not getting credit toward my giftcards account because it went toward ipods.freepay instead??? Does Freepay automatically link two accounts by IP address regardless of which email accounts are being used to sign in??? Why would that offer show up as completed on ipods.freepay, but not on giftcards.freepay where I actually clicked the link?

Is it possible that these free sites cross-reference IP addresses and emails across different sites within their network rather than just looking at the one free site and the references going toward that offer?


13-12-2005 21:14:22

just PM Jake and he will work it out for you. The getting credit on the wrong site problem actually happens to alot of people here, and it is easily fixable if you ask Jake here or create a support ticket. hope this helps!


14-12-2005 13:34:55

I did a little more research into it last night, and that is what happened, the credit went to the wrong account. I sent in a request to take care of it, so I'm hoping they credit the right account. If not, I'll pm Jake, but I'll try to be patient and see if it's handled with the support ticket first so as not to unnecessarily bug him with duplicate requests. Thanks for the feedback!