Shopping4Money offer

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13-12-2005 16:56:09

"The resource on Shopping for Maximum Rewards! Sign up for a $1 trial membership for a complete guide on how to get real money for simply getting things you need!"

only has 2 ratings on ratetheoffers. any info you have is appreciated.


13-12-2005 16:57:30

once you click "start trial", then you will see that it costs you $5.95 for the trial. So... it really isn't a $1..............

Paycom sites like that usually credit fast or in a few days based on my experience.


13-12-2005 17:46:24

i did the offer and got credited on the next business day. i did it on


13-12-2005 20:04:21

ill try it for laptops then


14-12-2005 15:54:36

i heard paycom sites are usually hit or miss. Eithey they'll credit pretty fast, or you won't get credit at all. Well, at least for the smaller freebie sites where you can't request manual credit =] But , I think you should be okay at freepay since you can request credit 15 days later. Good luck!