Can your referral ever do the same offer you did?

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12-12-2005 19:35:32

I was under the impression that the offer you complete when you sign up is never available to your referrals. Is this always the case?


12-12-2005 20:29:03

I don't think that is true. I beleive it's only on OC sites. However, if most/all of your refs do the same offer, they might be DQ'd because it looked like a walkthrough.


13-12-2005 11:16:29

The free project dose that to but i'm pretty sure they can on freepay.


13-12-2005 13:54:27

actually I hear that freepay is doing this now as well I haven't experienced this myself as I haven't worked ona freepay site recently but that is what I am told