what timezone is freepay?

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12-12-2005 17:47:45

Anyone know their hours of when they do approvals? Just curious.


12-12-2005 19:06:11

They are in Washington D.C. They have a lot of employees, a lot of sites, and a lot of people to give support/credit/approval too. It basically takes around 10-15 days for approval, so just be patient I guess. Dunno what else to tell you.


14-12-2005 15:57:31

I think I know how you feel. I check almost hourly to see if anything has gone green. I am addicted =[ heh.


17-12-2005 02:14:09

lol im the same as you timmy. i know my status will be the same, but i cant help but check every like half an hour. you get so anxious!