How Many Referrals You Think Nintendo's Revolution Will Have

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09-12-2005 20:29:33

From recent reports, the Revolution could possibly will go on sale around
150 dollars?????[/size9d392575a0]

Now, does Freepay make the rules on the number of referrals based on the price of the item or how New the product is?


09-12-2005 20:40:35

They do it on price. Is it just me, or for $150, won't it suck? lol


09-12-2005 20:41:42

yes...there is some controversy on how good a gaming product will be when it starts out at 150 bucks. i personally think it looks like crap and will not hit it off at all.


09-12-2005 21:23:11

OMG WHATEVAH! lisnapli

Even if the only game worth playing is Metroid Prime 3... that's enough reason to get one. wink


09-12-2005 22:17:35

yeah 150 aint bad


09-12-2005 23:07:04

for $150 it shouldn't be more than 4 refs


09-12-2005 23:09:07

I think it'll be more like $200 and go for 4 refs


10-12-2005 18:45:02

I think its fake!


10-12-2005 19:10:33

That's the gayest looking "remote" I've seen. I thought the N64 controller worked really well with the exception of the C buttons being a little far away.


10-12-2005 19:55:06

there is a controller for the system, it's not just the remote


10-12-2005 19:55:59

[quote45b0eb4692="mpbollywoodking"]there is a controller for the system, it's not just the remote[/quote45b0eb4692]
I know, it looks like a remote, thus gay.


10-12-2005 20:09:34

The remote looking controller detects movement, so in that way, it could change how video games are played. But usually Nintendos games seriously lack.


10-12-2005 22:51:20

I actually think the big N might be making a smart move not directly competing with the PS3 and Xbox360. They will be people 2nd console choice and they are fine with that. It's so cheap People will have either a Ps3 + Rev or a 360 +rev.

Also great graphics do not make a great game
(they do help a little though)