Using a different email for refferals?

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07-12-2005 12:38:44

I did a refferal for a trade, the realarcade offer, and I used a different personal email than the one I signed up with because I didnt want my main one cluttered with spam like it already is ?

Will this offer go through even though it's a different email that I USE?


07-12-2005 12:44:52

Yeah that's what I do all the time and it makes no differnce which e-mail you use to sign up for offers.


07-12-2005 13:06:39

Killer. Thanks theysay.


07-12-2005 14:09:44

unless for some reason you need to request manual credit and then I have heard of that causing problems


07-12-2005 14:11:31

Well, I guess emails dont matter. I just got my a green for my trade partner.