citi credit report offer?

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05-12-2005 11:10:05

WTH is up with this offer. Try it in firefox, it gets to validation and freezes. Try it a few more times, and the same thing.

Open up IE, I click to the validation page and it skips it and goes "we can't validate the data you entered" ... umm.. I didn't enter any data.

Try once again, and it says credit card declined....

get yo shit together citi!


05-12-2005 11:16:59


now the botox offer loops. I hit not hanks ont heir upsell page and it returns me to the order page. am I going insane????


05-12-2005 11:37:14

haha I think so. I use Firefox and CITI worked like a champ for me! I even considered their services useful.


05-12-2005 11:48:17

im sure i wouldve as well. oh well....


06-12-2005 11:20:28

If you get it to work, is this a pretty good and fast crediting offer?


06-12-2005 12:15:08

hmm, it went to the place where it was verifying my identity and it just stopped. What the heck can i do now?


06-12-2005 12:34:52

I just gave up. maybe its a temporary issue