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02-12-2005 16:15:34

Ok I just signed up for a site ps3 for a trade, I did the realarcade pass b/c it was new, so im signing up and it says my email was already a member, weird.......its not me so im not worried, but i used my other email, but since its a different email than what i used on freepay will I still get credit?

can jake or someone shine some light on this.


02-12-2005 17:03:48

If your concerned you won't get credit, then save your confirm e-mail (if you get one) and describe your dilemma in a support ticket. Tell them its not urgent, just in case it doesn't credit.

I'd just chill, it shouldn't matter I don't think, because you went through a link, and stuff...


02-12-2005 17:36:41

it's because you've probably signed up for real rhapsody or some other real somthing or other.

that happened to me too


02-12-2005 18:35:14

oh yea i have, that makes sense.......guess ill wait and see if i get credit, i should.


02-12-2005 19:36:41

if u already did Real Rhaosody, or even the Real Superpass, than you already have an account, just login using the same e-mail and subscribe to Real Arcade


02-12-2005 22:27:15

too late.......used my gmail address (


02-12-2005 22:46:24

You should be fine.