Best Ways How To Get Refferals

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01-12-2005 18:00:00

Well, I Need Help Getting Some Referrals.
I Need Some Ways How To Get Referrals, For A Few Sites.
This Would Be Appreciated Alot.



01-12-2005 18:28:43

Well you can trade... umm... post a link on a website... buy textlinks on sites... Ask friends and family... trade... dos exual favors for them... trade...


01-12-2005 18:51:29

Trading works best for me. I've also paid for refs and when I didn't have the money, I would let other people pay me to sign up under them and then turn around and use the cash I just received to buy refs )

If you're in college, try speading the word around your dorm or something. Also, I've heard of people getting a few hundred of those free business cards and leaving them in diners, libraries, etc.

Just be creative man.


01-12-2005 18:52:28

[quotefdbb4ef0aa]Just be creative man.[/quotefdbb4ef0aa]

I've gotten refs from half a dozen sources so far. Trading is most effective, but cuts into profits the most.


01-12-2005 19:50:29

So what cuts into profit the least?


01-12-2005 19:51:04

[quotebfa73e0f5d="tylerc"]So what cuts into profit the least?[/quotebfa73e0f5d]

Thats What I Was Wondering.


01-12-2005 19:51:19

Friends and family or scamming.


01-12-2005 20:01:40

trading is only effective way.......

friends and family need proof, not to mention the rule one per household....

scamming, well if u do that, adios ), and u might get away with one or two greens in the end but then again, they might report u to the freebie sites and all ur accounts get on hold and u end up with nothing, but a dancing bant deodorant stick!

i found that the real pros have websites that get a lot of hits....and get a lot of yellows which in turn gives a few greens.


01-12-2005 21:05:46

I have over 125 people on my msn list and got 5 refs no prob. Just takes some convincing and time to ask many people. I never did a trade yet.


02-12-2005 07:16:09

All about the website links and banners for me. I plaster em on every site I have. I also bought a domain name that I knew would get a lot of hits and redirected to my page about free stuff. Works rather nicely I'd say.


02-12-2005 17:48:22

i run a Conga site