Referrals not showing up again!!!

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01-12-2005 00:05:14

I'm having problems with my account. I have had 2 people sign up under my referral link this week and neither have shown up on my referral list. I know my link is good because a 3rd person used the same one. He even went green already.

This happened to my on my freeipods account too. I wasn't able to see a couple of my ref's but freepay could on their side. Is the same thing happening again? Why is this happening? Can anybody answer this?



01-12-2005 00:13:46

talk to jake...try pming him he responds quickly


01-12-2005 00:41:22

I just did, thanks, hopefully this will get answered soon.


01-12-2005 03:22:23

usualy there isnt much he can do. He told me it is mostly because of the other persons browser or firewall. It is very frusterating


01-12-2005 07:27:19

it happened to one of my refs through a trade on here, and they told him they couldnt do anything about it


01-12-2005 16:28:05

did you still complete the trade?


01-12-2005 18:55:02

I had it happen a few times with my premium ipod account, so I basically just gave up on that site...


01-12-2005 19:21:03

it has been happening to me ALOT lately.


05-12-2005 19:53:33

Just happened to me again. I only need 2 more greens and I've had 2 refs not show up. This is starting to piss me off.


06-12-2005 13:01:45

Jesus...I hope it'll show up. I had a friend do it for me a min. ago and I dont see his name.

Lets see if it'll be there tonight...he just did an offer for me too evil


06-12-2005 14:57:15

It'll be there. Be patient...


06-12-2005 17:33:36

if its doesnt show up instantly it never wil.


06-12-2005 22:37:46

My friend did signed up under me 8 hours ago and even did an offer.....and when I check my status page. His email isnt even there.

I know my friend signed up too AND did an offer cry

Im hearing from alot of people that I should wait til tomarrow and if I dont see anything, have my friend file for a support ticket. Is that right?


09-12-2005 02:12:02

im having the same problem with premium ipod site. Where do i file a support ticket?