Approved on NANO!!!

Live forum:


30-11-2005 11:11:36

took a little over a month, but man things seem to happen in packs, thanks jake, any idea how long processing is? i did the white one, since black seems to be popular, and im gonna get my first tshirt!


30-11-2005 11:20:27

a little over a month??? Wow, why that long? I requested approval last Wendesday


30-11-2005 11:42:17

well i waited about 2 weeks, then some weird error, i had to request again! but jake helped me out and i had to wait little over another 2 weeks. so a little over a month in total, now processing, anyone know how long???


30-11-2005 12:45:48


when exactly did u request approval?

i did 10/31

hopefully I will be approved this week too!


30-11-2005 13:04:03

before you, but your gettin around that area, possibly this week for ya, get excited.


30-11-2005 17:31:04

my last green is lagging like a MF!!!! I be hittin' refresh about 35098089 times a day!!!!