W-9 form - laptops freepay

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30-11-2005 08:15:34

how does the W-9 form work? how much tax and shit do i have to pay?


30-11-2005 08:53:11

I kept reading that it would be around $200 dollars, but I may be wrong.

And I'm not sure how much "shit." Sorry.

BTW, welcome to the forums and try to use the "Search" feature for things you can tell have been asked before.




30-11-2005 08:55:56

what if you're disabled and you have no income.. im not trying to do fruad or anything i just wanna know.. and who you pay this to? freepay or the IRS?


30-11-2005 09:00:13

the IRS orcourse...


30-11-2005 09:48:35

well i still need to know if you have no income and you are disabled.. do you have to do the WI and pay taxes..


30-11-2005 09:57:11

You still have to pay the taxes. However, you can file for a tax return when you do your taxes and you will get some of it back if you qualify based on your yearly income.

This is why those people who get free cars from Oprah end up having to give them back.... roll


30-11-2005 11:55:54

Oprah didn't give them free cars, GM did.


30-11-2005 12:38:55

how much do they have to pay for a free car?


30-11-2005 13:01:48

Only a few hundreds of dollars. Wussies.