Approved, but I can't put in ONTARIO, it only has the STATES

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30-11-2005 07:46:21

Hey, i got approved like 5 mins ago for and I want to order my ipod but it only has the states, not the provinces. Also cant put my postal code, 6 digit.

I submitted a help ticket thing, so I hope it goes quickly

Anyone else, canada or UK have this problem?


30-11-2005 07:47:09

wow, that sucks. Hopefully they don't say "we dont do canada anymore"


30-11-2005 07:48:41

I doubt it.

I think it does this cause I started fresh, didnt get referred by anyone else. and when I did my offers, it didnt have the canadian only ones, I did vid. professor. So I think they'll fix it up for me. Just gotta wait


30-11-2005 09:29:00

Situation resolved.


30-11-2005 09:44:25

Thank you very much sir.


30-11-2005 12:11:22

[quotee919bc09b1="Asselin"]Thank you very much sir.[/quotee919bc09b1]

You are very welcome. )