Offers of doom, or just coincidence?

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28-11-2005 19:47:22

One of my referrals completed the real arcade offer on the ps3's site. As soon as he greened, that offer was no longer available. Another did instacast. After he greened that disappeared too. Is this just a coincidence, or is there some way that they are preventing more than 1 person from signing up for the same offer.


28-11-2005 19:52:04

they definately do that. I've noticed it several times. I know for sure that the offer that you do becomes unavailable to your referrals.


28-11-2005 19:59:15

Well that's pretty lame (


28-11-2005 19:59:45

I wouldn't have done arcade if i knew that LOL


28-11-2005 20:00:05

Are they ever gonna post more new offers?


28-11-2005 20:03:21

That's not true--I did RepoCar, and so did one of my referrals.


28-11-2005 20:05:09

Yea but did they do it AFTER you greened?


28-11-2005 20:20:21

I think so.


29-11-2005 11:35:22

I noticed this with blockbuster almost everytime. I always avoided doing it myself so it would remain available. This was a while ago tho.

I wonder if this just applies to the most popular (cheapest, and easiest) offers


29-11-2005 12:07:05

freepay is definitely Dooming up the place


29-11-2005 12:40:21

damn I guess this will be my last site I will do. no one is finding any offers that they want to do because they are mostly just credit card offers under me (


29-11-2005 14:00:00

Well if you need a credit card or are in need of a 0 balance transfer the diamond rewards perferred citibank card is a good one to do.

it's instant credit. and you get $50 in bonus points. and the points earning is good too.


29-11-2005 14:50:36

Ehhh, I got the student one for my digicas offer. But, i don't think many other people are in need of more cards... I still need 4 more greens for my ps3 (


29-11-2005 15:01:51

how well do those cards approve? I dont wanna worsen my credit by applying to all those cards...


29-11-2005 15:12:53


I was gonna start the PS3 site but maybe I won't........


29-11-2005 15:22:31

that sucks


29-11-2005 15:24:23

I was in need of a balance transfer anyway. I always transfer my stuff so It stays on 0% interest. this one is 0% for 12 months no monthly fee no transfer fee (on the first transfer) It greened in 20 seconds. I got the new card and canceled my old one. NO Prob. IF you have decent credit now it shouldn't be an issue.

[quote7673d46fe3]how well do those cards approve? I dont wanna worsen my credit by applying to all those cards...[/quote7673d46fe3]

I would definately not do more than one credit card....don't go doing a bunch just to get credit. But if your able to get rid of your current one and get a new one it's worth it to get the instagreen.


29-11-2005 15:37:53


I was gonna start the PS3 site but maybe I won't........[/quote98babbb5bc]

Me too. Damn it.

I guess it's up to trainn to start a PS3 site.

Are the OOD only featured on freepay? Is this a new thing? Eh eh eh?


29-11-2005 16:16:04

I just started Trainn. I think they have just as many crappy offers. I do think their customer service is better far


29-11-2005 16:39:15

It's not as bad as offercentric's OOD... But I miss efax / blockbuster / real arcade ( and i think it only applies to the offer that you completed maybe... I do not know. This is hard though. Even my best friends are sketch about doin it.


29-11-2005 19:38:58

friends are worthless when it comes to this! Its much easier to get strangers on the internet to do it for you


29-11-2005 20:07:05

freepay is also disappointing me with credit times, getting tired of waiting.

either they are changing their business scheme or don't have the manpower, i sure hope it's the latter and is temp (