response from free pay on being put on hold ...

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28-11-2005 12:08:44

well I got a response from freepay on my hold ....

They say it was for fraud for multiple accounts or that I completed a offer fraudulently.

Now here is the problem ... Thats BS ...

I used the "forgot password" option with EVERY email I have ever used and every single time it has said that the address was nor found. That rules multiple accounts out.

As for the offer -- well I had not completed or even stared an offer on the site. So I could not of done a fradulent offer if I had not even started one?

Im still waiting for a response from Jake -- hopefully he can help ... I have completed 2 previous offers with freepay and would like to continue to do more offers.


28-11-2005 17:15:15

DONE -- Jake took care of it --

Thx man ...


28-11-2005 17:18:27

Are we allowed to give him a kiss?


28-11-2005 18:17:35

I was gonna send him a daytime hooker !!!

lol, j/k -- dont get any ideas Jake --- thx again ...