credit taking forever

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Eric P

28-11-2005 07:41:14

Is it just me, or credit for offers taking forever? freepay has become quite strategic since last year when I did fip if this delay in crediting is intentional to see if people cancel. .


28-11-2005 09:08:00

It is taking a while. I think it's because of the new sites and the xBox site though.


28-11-2005 11:22:54

4 of my referrals just went green, as they completed offers before this past weekend.
if the people signed up recently, factor in thanksgiving day and black friday as holidays.
and most importantly, hang in there.


28-11-2005 11:51:09

Yup. 2 of mine went green today. I have patience for the others because of all the catching up.