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26-11-2005 23:05:09

Anyone done this offer? Any input greatly appreciated.


26-11-2005 23:16:10

i've done video professor online... 2-3 days ago... still no credit even when it says instant credit


27-11-2005 09:37:08

yeah its's definatly NOT instant. Very few are.


27-11-2005 09:40:58

Which one did you do?Did you do the one when they send you software in the mail or the one that has online tutorials?The one that sends you software in the mail took me 2-3 to recieve credit and the other offer forr video professor took 1.5 weeks.


27-11-2005 09:49:12

I did Video Professor ONline (like 4 days ago) no credit yet


27-11-2005 09:53:37

[quotec34f4ef6d5="cartrenroy"]I did Video Professor ONline (like 4 days ago) no credit yet[/quotec34f4ef6d5]

Yea, that one took a week or so to credit for me.


27-11-2005 11:18:31

A bit off topic, but Video Professor not online gave me credit in about 5 minutes.


27-11-2005 15:45:59

Yeah the regular VP offer credits instantly from what I can tell, but the VP Online doesn't and most people who have done it for me have greened the day after their trial expires.


30-11-2005 23:16:12

i did the VP mail one 16 days ago, no credit yet.


01-12-2005 20:38:16

I did it on Your Free Video Ipods ( I think ) and got credit within a few hours. It's easy to cancel too.


01-12-2005 20:54:52

Goob, we do not talk about cancelling on these forums. I think one person did, and a rep from the site revoked his credit.


02-12-2005 06:55:10

^That was me. It's def NOT a good idea.