signing up for an offer

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25-11-2005 19:11:56

If i signed up using a different email for an offer as i did for freepay can it make the green process slower?


25-11-2005 19:18:43

It is very recommended you use the same e-mail to do your offer as the one you used you sign up for your Freepay account. I would suggest it as well.


25-11-2005 19:27:15

yea but i had a sign up problem since i had already had an account for my original address. I would have used the same email. Hopefully it doesnt affect how fast i credit.


26-11-2005 06:24:03

whoa wait,

So you were already signed up on that offer site before?
Hmm, as far as I know, they only credit you if you are a new customer to the offer.


26-11-2005 14:16:15

hes prolly referring to real arcade / rhasphody. Same thing happened to me man. I just logged in with my old email. worked fine


26-11-2005 14:37:20

i did the same thing for real superpass accidently and asked this same question

jake immediately replied that it was against the terms of service to use a different email

so, I just changed my email on my freepay account to the one that i used for the offer and i got credit a short while after

linote i even asked jake if this would be ok and he said yes

so just do that and you should be good